PR- Mallat lectures on the Philosophy of Nonviolence in Islam



Press Release- 3 November 2014
In a lecture a the Friends of Kamal Joumblatt’s Association in Beirut on Oct.20, RN Chairman Chibli Mallat spoke on the philosophy of nonviolence in Islam as a necessary journey to rediscover, in the ‘silmiyya’ spirit that animated the early revolutions of 2011, the deeper roots of a humanist philosophy all too ignored by extremist violent factions and governments in the Middle East and beyond.
Drawing on a chapter in his forthcoming book at Oxford UP on Philosophy of Nonviolence,  Mallat engaged an eager audience with the depth of the Middle Eastern humanist tradition, the need for its revival, and the efficacy of the message carried out by the peoples of the Middle East contra the Islamist stealers of revolutions as well as the governments bent on violence. The talk included a wide-range of classical and modern texts, from poet-philosophers Mutanabbi and Ma’arri to the modern treatises of Kawakibi and Bahrul-Oloom.
In a lively discussion animated by the FKJA president and former minister Abbas Khalaf, the focus of the debate developed around the chasm between the domination of violence in day to day practice and language, and the means to allow the strongly anchored tradition to prevail.
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