Press release- RN, 8 October 2014, on Violence-free zones in Syria


Press release- RN, 8 October 2014, on Violence-free zones in Syria.

Following the publication of ‘Establish violence-free zones’ in the Daily Star last Saturday, and as the controversy over the plight of ISIS victims in Kubaneh/‘Ayn al-‘arab and Turkish intervention heats up, the leading Turkish press took up the Azm-Mallat article. Soli Ozel, the distinguished Turkish academic and journalist, and a close companion to Right to Nonviolence, discussed the article in his widely read column in HaberTurk ‘Suriye’de şiddetten arındırılmış bölgeler kurmalıyız’. Another leading Turkish daily, Hurriyet, reproduced large parts of the Daily Star article the following day.

Daily Star, 4 October

HaberTurk, 6 October

Hurriyet, 7 October

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