RN Announcement, 24 Nov. 2014 The Arabic daily as-Safir published in two successive op-eds (part.1, 22 Nov, part. 2, 24 Nov.)  the lecture on “the Philosophy of Nonviolence in Islam”which RN Chairman Mallat gave at the Friends of Kamal Joumblatt Association. This is part of an ongoing series of talks to engage the debate on the ethics and […]

Press release- RN, 8 October 2014, on Violence-free zones in Syria. Following the publication of ‘Establish violence-free zones’ in the Daily Star last Saturday, and as the controversy over the plight of ISIS victims in Kubaneh/‘Ayn al-‘arab and Turkish intervention heats up, the leading Turkish press took up the Azm-Mallat article. Soli Ozel, the distinguished Turkish […]

Establish violence-free zones in Syria By Sadek Jalal al-Azm, Chibli Mallat   Oct. 03, 2014 | 12:09 AM The eyes of the world are on Syria and Iraq. This is a time for carefully considered options. As part of the discussion over the most appropriate strategy, we propose to establish one or more exclusion zones […]

A decisive analysis on Syria by RN Board Member Sadik al-Azm   Syria in Revolt Understanding the Unthinkable War Sadik J. Al-Azm August 18, 2014 Burning Syria, Tammam Azam The people’s intifada in Syria, against the military regime and police state of the Assad family, took me by surprise. I was fearful at first that the […]

  RN board member Edward Mortimer and RN Chairman Chibli Mallat were active on SriLanka, Iraq, and Libya. SriLanka On 11 August, Mortimer published an oped in the Independent on the continued plight of the Tamils under a vindictive dictatorship http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/hidden-from-view-sri-lanka-is-trampling-over-the-rights-of-its-tamil-population-9662359.html Iraq On 14 August, Mallat appeared on a three hour-long talkshow Kalam ennas, LBCI, with anchorman […]

RN is publishing today’s decision of the Federal Supreme Court on Art. 76 (appointment of PM by the President) together with  an English translation to keep the wide public informed about the dramatic developments in Baghdad. At the time of publishing, both the authenticity of the decision and what it exactly says remain in doubt. […]