RN in world news Mortimer on Intervention, Mallat on women as vanguard of nonviolence Beirut, 8 June 2014- Board members Edward Mortimer and Chibli Mallat weighed in on the world debate over Syria. In an oped published in the Nahar, Edward Mortimer summed up the difficulties of military intervention by reference to two central texts […]

RN joined 45 human rights organizations in the call to free Razan Zeitouneh and three other icons of the Syrian nonviolent revolution. The four human rights advocates were abducted forcefully on 9 December 2013 under the watch of, and most likely under the orders, of Zahran Allush, the local Islamist militia leader. “It is now […]

RN Presentation: At the Yale law school’s annual Robert L. Bernstein International Human Rights Symposium, consecrated to Human Rights in the Streets and held in New Haven on March 27-28, 2014, RN Board Member Edward Mortimer addressed the panel on ‘Intervention’. In this contribution to our site, which will also appear in a shortened version […]

Mallat in Ahram: No more presidents-for-life: The nonviolent struggle goes on The nonviolent struggle to end dictatorship, whether presidents-for-life or decrepit kings, is now a rooted factor, despite setbacks, in the politics of Middle Eastern states   Chibli Mallat , Saturday 19 Apr 2014 Presidential fever is on in Lebanon. The parliament speaker has called […]

Target dictators, but without violence March 10, 2014 12:35 AM By Chibli Mallat The Daily Star   With the retreat of the Western democracies globally, we can count only on ourselves when it comes to freedom. Our Ukrainian friends have determined the course of their history by accepting no less than the removal from power […]

Chibli Mallat weighed in this week on issues relating to justice in the Middle East in the context of the judicial victory of the Sabra and Shatila victims of Sharon, and briefly on the disappointing record of the Special Tribunal on Lebanon On Sabra and Shatila and Sharon’s legacy 1) The Daily Star, oped, 13 […]