Selim Mouzannar

Selim MouzannarA founding board member of Right to Nonviolence, Selim Mouzannar is a sustained advocate of Lebanese self-determination and sovereignty. He was one of a handful of protestors in September 2004 who opposed the unconstitutional extension of the presidential mandate of Emile Lahoud, and played an active role in the unprecedented and peaceful street protests in Beirut in 2005 that culminated in the departure of Syrian troops from Lebanon following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and 21 others. He was invited as an activist to address the rally held at BIEL on 14 March 2012 to mark the seventh anniversary of the assassination and the emergence of the nonviolent Cedar Revolution. Active in the urban neighborhood ‘reinvention’ project Achrafieh 2020 and a key supporter of InterLebanon Road Running & Athletics Club, Mouzannar is a graduate of the Institut National de Gemmologie in Paris.