RN supports #YouStink campaign: 10 tweets for Beirut demonstrations on September 9


Press Release – Right to Nonviolence, Beirut, 8 September 2015

10 tweets for Beirut demonstrations on September 9:

1 Keep pushing both presidential and parliamentary elections

2 Presidential elections make more sense as priority. They start immediate relief, and restore the spirit and text of the Constitution (Art.74 and 75: In case of presidential vacancy Parliament has no other business than electing a president)

3 Neither will materialize in the so-called Dialogue. We need to project the movement as serious, offer a medium to long alternative, domestic and foreign + organizational skills in the streets and beyond

4 Medium perspective, domestic: Pushing vital demands, esp. on garbage collection and electricity 24-hr distribution

5 Long perspective, domestic: radical reform of the political system. Key idea: parity in gender representation in government (parliament, executive, judiciary) in the new political generation.

6 Foreign policy, immediate: No to clientelism of the dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Iran. And of course no to Israel’s racist government and no to whatever is left of Syria’s criminal regime

7 FP medium perspective. Rekindle 2011 spirit of Arab Spring triangle: revolutionary nonviolence, new social contract, accountability. Connect with movement across ME and beyond

8 Organization: collect emails, tel numbers, pledges and signatures, money. This means transparent planning

9 Organization: always, always nonviolence. Absolute, no exception, no harm to security agents, no harm to public buildings. No harm to private property. No closing off roads outside demonstations and sit-ins

10 Organization: start thinking of parallel, nationwide elections for the street movement

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