John J. Donohue


Prof. John Donohue epitomises far more than the meeting of East and West. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, he was so much at home in Baghdad and Beirut that Lebanese and Iraqis from all hues and cries considered him very much one of their own. His scholarship is one of a kind: few if any are at ease both in classic and modern studies of their societies: how many scholars have run a modern American or European Studies Center and have written a book on intellectual and political life of 10th century Cuzco or Rome? Major works include Islam in Transition (with John Esposito) (2007), and The Buwayhid Dynasty in Iraq 945-1012: Shaping Institutions for the Future (2003), and he has published numerous articles on topics ranging from secularism and Christianity, Islamic constitutions, the development of Shiite thought, and Arab nationalism. A recent unpublished study on modern Syrian history offering a valuable introduction to the country. A Festschrift published in 2007, From Beirut to Baghdad: Arab and Islamic Studies in honor of John J. Donohue s.j., brought together amidst averse circumstances a remarkable collection of diverse scholarship from colleagues and friends worldwide writing in Arabic, French, and English.

Interview with Right to Nonviolence – 01 June 2011

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