Enhancing the debate on nonviolence


Leading Lebanese daily an-Nahar  prominently featured an exchange between RN Chairman Chibli Mallat, and Sitt Rabab al-Sadr, the renowned civil society leader and sister of the Shi’i leader Musa al-Sadr. In her address published as op-ed, she reflects on her three-decade work against violence, focusing on violence and the key role of education, particularly for young women, in fighting its various forms described as physical, psychological, and economic. In a rejoinder, Mallat underlined the specificity of physical violence because of the preeminence of law, rather than education, in society’s fight against violence. With the mounting bloodletting across the Middle East, the debate engages the wider Arab public in the urgent need to think about violence and to create an alternative nonviolent path informed by theory and practice.

Original article – Rabab al-Sadr, an-Nahar, 08 August 2013  [link to PDF]

Original article –  Chibli Mallat, an-Nahar, 08 August 2013  [link to PDF ]

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