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Chibli MallatChibli Mallat is a law professor and a practicing attorney, and an active defender of human rights, constitutional law, and judicial accountability. He is Presidential Professor of Law at the University of Utah and EU Jean Monnet Professor of European Law at Université Saint Joseph in Lebanon. He was the 2011 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Visiting Professor of Islamic Legal Studies at Harvard Law School, and will be Visiting Professor at Yale Law School in the fall of 2012 teaching war and human rights, and Islamic and Middle Eastern law. Mallat has published and edited over thirty-five books, including Introduction to Middle Eastern Law, OUP 2007; and Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy, Kluwer 2009. As an active human rights advocate, he helped establish the Middle East regional office of Amnesty International, for which his law firm in Beirut continues to act as legal counsel, and he has led and won major cases against mass murderers, including Muammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Ariel Sharon. As one of the leaders of the Lebanese Cedar Revolution, he ran in 2005-2006 an unprecedented campaign for the presidency of Lebanon. In 2008-10, he was senior advisor to the Global Justice Project: Iraq, and worked with the Iraqi parliamentary Constitutional Review Committee to complete the revision of the 2005 Constitution. He is the founder and Chairman of Right to Nonviolence, an international NGO– established in 2009 and based in the Middle East–that promotes nonviolence as means for change, constitutional reform, and judicial accountability.

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Professor Chibli Mallat in the Media:

Professor Chibli Mallat interviewed by Lyse Doucet on Syria and Lebanon on July 20, 2012.

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