Who We Are

Right to Nonviolence is an international NGO, established in Lebanon and in the United States, with a unique regional and international network, a strong presence in Iraq, and correspondents the world over. It originated in the most violent part of the world, the Middle East. It links social, political, and business leaders, academics, legal experts, and journalists from the region with human rights supporters around the world.

The message of Right to Nonviolence is unprecedented: it seeks to give efficacy to nonviolence through law where possible, and through democratic mobilization where necessary.

Right to Nonviolence is proud to build on a history of nonviolent protests in the Middle East, including the First Palestinian Intifada of 1987, Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution during 2005-2006, Iran’s nonviolent uprising in the wake of the rigged presidential elections of 2009, and now Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. These epochal movements, to which must be added the courageous actions and sacrifices of dozens of prisoners of opinion and thousands of nonviolent protesters, have rekindled hope for a new source of political change in the region. RN builds on this history to offer a different future to the world from within the Middle East.


RN uniquely brings together theory and practice, an intellectual and scholarly dimension with a strong record of human rights activism encompassing landmark international judicial actions.

RN offers unique legal/linguistic capacities in key languages, local (Arabic, Persian) and international (French, English, Spanish, German and Italian), as well as broad expertise in Middle Eastern and Islamic laws.

Our partners are practitioners and academics, lawyers, business leaders and former diplomats from the region and beyond.

Our Network

RN’s network of prominent individuals in government, business, media, and the arts in Europe, North America, and the Middle East are leveraged to support fundraising and public awareness campaigns.

RN bridges isolated prisoners of opinion, voices for freedom in the Middle East, and local NGOs, with public opinion, democratic governments and relevant international institutions.