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RN Chairman Chibli Mallat commented in a prime-time exclusive interview 22 August 2012 with BBC World on the recent violence in Tripoli, Lebanon.  He noted the interplay between the various efforts to draw domestic factions into a mirror strife of the Syrian conflict and the age-old sectarian grievances.

In other news, the Constitutional Transitions Timeline developed by RN’s Middle East Constitutional Forum (MECF) is now featured (embedded) on leading Egyptian daily Ahram Online and linked from the homepage of one of our partners,

RN program director for MECF  Tobias Peyerl co-authored an article “Election or Selection for the Constituent Assembly? Lessons from history” 11 August 2012 for independent daily Libya Herald. Written with constitutional historian Lorianne Updike Toler, the analysis offers a scholarly look at historical models that could inform current processes underway.

Upcoming initiatives include the Tunisia Constitutional e-Forum organized by RN research associate  Bouchra Chakroune involving the participation of prominent experts as well as youth and to be formally launched 2 October 2012.  More information is available here and for a virtual invitation click here.

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