Sheikh Isa Qassim Issues Call for Internal Unity and International Support


Bahrain 18 February 2011

Why have you killed the innocent souls? The people were lying down peacefully spending a calm night at the Pearl Roundabout, under an open sky, men, women, children and babies, all have been brutally attacked in a a way to prevent escape and to inflict maximum suffering.

This is a massacre that had been preplanned and was lethally executed to crush the protestors and to pass a message to all people that this is what awaits them if they dared to express their views.

This is a massacre bearing in mind the small size of Bahrain, and this massacre makes it clear that the government in Bahrain is the most brutal among the governments of the Arab world.  This massacre is a confirmation from the government that it doesn’t respect the people and gives no value to the people. It is evident that we have a brutal government that has no limits in the way it deals with the people.

Why has the government ordered the killing that violates all religious and human rights values? This brutality is aimed at silencing the nation and the government is saying to us that this brutality is what is expected if anyone dares to express his views peacefully.

This brutality is aimed to silence the people, and we want to say that our people had never stopped demanding their rights. This is the case of many years, and now that the people of the Arab world are marching for their freedoms, it is only natural that our people would raise their voice demanding their rights.

The government is also committing another crime in addition to the massacre; they are mounting a media campaign aimed at separating the people into two divisions, between the Shiites and Sunnis. We must be careful and must not fall in this trap.

We call on the United Nations, to all those who can help the people of Bahrain to intervene and to safeguard our safety and security. We don’t feel safe under this government which is using brutal and unwarranted  force against peaceful protestors.

This translation, from the original text in Arabic relayed by a leading Bahraini human rights activist, was prepared by Right to Nonviolence. 

Arabic version 

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