Sadek Jalal al-Azm receives Mahmoud Darwish Freedom and Creativity Award


Prominent Syrian intellectual and writer Sadek Jalal al-Azm was honored 13 March with the Mahmoud Darwish Award for Freedom and Creativity for 2013.

Awarded by the Mahmoud Darwish Foundation established to safeguard the cultural legacy and promote the humanist values of the Palestinian ‘national’ poet, the award recognizes “….creative Palestinian or Arab intellectuals in the areas of freedom of thought, the defense of the people’s right to democracy, the breaking of the dictatorial restraints, and the confrontation of backward, obscurantist ideologies.”

A leading secularist thinker in the Arab world and a respected scholar worldwide, Prof. al-Azm has been a courageous and principled defender of human rights for decades and has been the main ethical reference for the Syrian Revolution. He has been a member of RN’s Advisory Board since 2010.


Public contributions of RN on Syria may be accessed here.

Joint work with Prof. al-Azm includes:

A Strategy for Syria Under International Law: How to End the Asad Dictatorship While Restoring Nonviolence to the Syrian Revolution, Chibli Mallat et al, Harvard International Law Journal Online, Volume 53 (2012).

Statement of SNC member Sadek Jalal al-Azm on risk of Annan plan to the Syrian revolution, Right to Nonviolence, 30 March 2012

RN call for a Damascus-Manama joint nonviolent action against sectarian governmental repression: Freedom for Khawaja and all prisoners of opinion, Right to Nonviolence, 09 April 2012 (Arabic version  here )

RN also maintains a country page for Syria on its Middle East Constitutional Forum (MECF).

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