RN’s founders have been long engaged with the nonviolent struggle for democracy in Iraq


RN’s founders have been long engaged with the nonviolent struggle for democracy in Iraq. RN Chairman has been privileged to work with the leaders of the Iraqi opposition, then with the top Iraqi leaders, for over two decades. This started with his denunciation of the assassination of Sayyed Mahdi al-Hakim in 1988 through the establishment of the International Committee for a Free Iraq in 1991 in London, the INC launch in Vienna in June 1992, the 1996 founding of INDICT in Washington to try Saddam Hussein and his aides for crimes against humanity, the launch of the Arab-based Democratic Iraq Initiative in 2002 calling for the forced resignation of Hussein to avoid the military occupation of Iraq.

After the change of regime in 2003, Mallat was joined in the call for the deployment of human rights monitors in the country by Amnesty International Chair Irene Khan. He worked with the Iraqi Governing Council to accelerate the full devolution of power to Iraqis, and the minimization of foreign military role in Baghdad. As civil war in 2005-6 started to wind down, and as Senior Legal Advisor of GJPI in 2008-2010, Mallat and a large team of Iraqi and international legal experts worked with the Iraqi President and the leaders of the Constitutional Review Committee of the Council of Representatives to complete the Constitution of 2005.

Trudi Hodges, joint founder of RN, was Chief of Party for GJPI, and oversaw with RN London correspondent Andrew Allen, the Chief of Party for the Criminal law and procedure-related work of GJPI, the completion of the Project through 2010. GJPI offered support for legislation across the board, the strengthening of the judiciary, and the enhancement of Iraqi parliamentary work and standards, as well as constitutional models for lessening the impact of sectarianism in the country. more

RN recently convened an unprecedented working seminar on human rights in legal higher education in Iraq. more

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