RN’s Board Member Al Jamri to CNN: Now people are afraid to talk


“….we will defend our position; we have done nothing but present our views on democracy, human rights, and transparency in the service of our country.”

Former Editor-in-Chief of leading Bahraini daily Al Wasat Dr. Mansoor Al Jamri, now on trial along with 3 colleagues for ‘deliberate news fabrication and falsification’, indicated in correspondence today with RN that during the third session of the court on Sunday 19 June witnesses will be called to establish the abnormal circumstances under which the paper was operating due to physical attacks and threats against both staff and facilities. He added that the paper, seriously understaffed at the time, published news and photos from six emails –  later revealed to be fabrications –  all received from a single ISP address in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Hala Gorani of CNN, Al Jamri stressed that for 9 years the paper successfully bridged the gap between points of view and consistently encouraged moderation and dialogue. Interviewed in Bahrain by CNN’s Nic Robertson, Al Jamri said “now people are afraid to talk.”

Hala Gorani on Al Wasat , CNN (audio)
Trial of ex-editors of opposition Bahraini newspaper delayed, CNN, June 15, 2011 (audio and text)


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