RN supports Dr. YANG Jianli in his open letter to Pres. Obama


Seamless economic relations cannot simply exist by free trade with a country that is not free.” Dr. YANG Jianli

Dr. YANG Jianli

RN fully supports the president of Initiatives for China Dr. YANG Jianli, former prisoner of opinion and member of RN’s international advisory board, in his open letter to President Obama. It is not surprising that China has been consistently supportive of the worst practices of Arab governments, and has defended leaders who are responsible for crimes against humanity in the UNSC, lately most conspicuously in Syria. Human freedom is indivisible, and the most important message of the predominantly peaceful revolutions in the Middle East this year is the universalism of nonviolence and freedom that it has taken to the shores of China. Oil and other economic wealth cannot mask the contempt for rights that are as basic to men and women, if not more basic, than the right to bread. It is the right to economic expectation developed in freedom, in the way Amartya Sen has eloquently documented. We stand with Dr. Yang in his tireless work for China as a human rights leader and in this letter to President Obama

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dr. YANG Jianli

Dear Mr. President,

You are scheduled to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao this coming Monday, November 12th in Hawaii at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference. The APEC meeting has been given a theme — “seamless regional economy” — and a goal of promotcering common prosperity through free trade and investment. (Continue Reading)

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