RN supports Dr. Chalabi’s call for UNSC and Arab League to adopt a No-Fly Zone and resolution to protect the Libyan people


Right to Nonviolence supports the call below from Dr Ahmad Chalabi, who joins the recent call of Avaaz for a serious protection to be given to the Libyan population against the onslaught under way in various parts of the country. Should the no fly zone fail to deter the organised killing of nonviolent protesters, a no drive zone should be immediately implemented. RN calls also for the immediate referral of the UNSC of the Libya case to the ICC.

Press Release

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dr. Chalabi is urging the UNSC and the Arab League to adopt a No-Fly Zone and a resolution to protect the Libyan people similar to the UNSC resolution 688
Dr. Ahmad Chalabi leader of the Iraqi National Congress today issued a statement.
We urge the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the Arab League to adopt a resolution imposing a No-Fly Zone in Libya north of latitude 30N in order to prevent the Libyan dictator Gadhafi from using military and civilian flights from bombarding the Libyan people in the cities and coastline populated areas and desert regions and to prevent the Libyan dictator from any logistical capability to air transport military equipment and mercenaries, personnel from one region to another to suppress the revolution of the Libyan people.
We urge the international community to practice its duty to protect the Libyan people from a brutal dictator who is killing indiscriminately young Libyan men and women.  What is happening nowadays in Libya is a sober and painful reminder of the mass killings committed by Saddam against the Iraqi people during the March-1991 intifada at that time Saddam was given the permission to fly armed helicopters to crush the intifada in the center, south and the northern Kurdistan Iraq.  Regrettably, numerous mass graves all over Iraq are a reminder of shortcomings of the international committee in its obligating to protect innocent civilians from ruthless homicidal dictators. We shall do our very best to prevent a repeat of such shameful blunders again in Libya.

The establishment of a No-Fly Zone in Iraq north of the latitude 36N and south of the latitude 32N has helped to protect the Iraqi people from Saddam’s air power.  The United Nations Security council must take this historical step to provide protection to millions of Libyans.  We also urge the Arab league to take a responsible stand to support the international community to protect the Libyan people, specifically after the recent insane speech given by Gadhafi in which he clearly expressed his murderous proclivity to commit massive killings and annihilation of the Libyan people.

We also urge the UNSC to adopt a resolution to protect the Libyan people along the lines of UNSC resolution 688 in 1991 in which the resolution stated “Condemns the repression of the Iraqi civilian population in many parts of Iraq, including most recently in Kurdish populated areas, the consequences of which threaten international peace and security in the region”.  This resolution had established a legal separation between the Iraqi people and the Saddam’s regime with all the subsequent consequences which eventually led to downfall of Saddam and his regime.  We say let Ghadafi join Saddam in the pantheon of infamy.


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