RN Press Release: Joint China – Middle East Unity Statement


(L to R) Yang Jianli, Chibli Mallat, Reyiba Kadeer, Daniel Gong

Joining together a unique coalition of activists from across the world, delegates to the Seventh Annual Interethnic Interfaith Leadership Conference organized 19-21 April 2012 by Initiatives for China issued a nine-point Unity Statement that acknowledged the inspiration of the democratic upheavals in the Middle East, and called for a joining of forces – committed to nonviolence and constitutional democratization processes  – around common struggles against oppressive regimes and their backing of totalitarian governments.

Endorsed by RN Chairman Mallat, a featured speaker at the event, the Unity Statement outlines specific strategic actions to be taken:  a) establishment of an interethnic democratic/human rights dialogue platform to strategize on China’s democratic transition, b) establishment of a dialogue platform among international democratic forces to enhance cooperation and an exchange of ideas, c) launching of a formal petition campaign to urge the UN and the UN Human Rights Council to review the human rights situation in China and challenge its membership in the Council, d) promotion of legislation in major democratic countries to prohibit entry to/freeze assets of/take legal action against individual human rights abusers in parallel with creation of a profile database of these persons, and e) promotion of the use of targeted economic sanctions to restrict international investment and/or commercial activities in areas with serious human rights violations.

(Full text of  Unity Statement)

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