RN on Bahrain: International “Duty to Protect Innocent Souls”


Following our appeal yesterday, Right to Nonviolence supports Sheik Isa Qassim, a leading cleric in Bahrain, in his poignant call for internal unity and international help at Friday prayers in Duraz, a city west of the capital Manama. His appeal was relayed to RN from a leading Bahraini human rights activist. We call on President Obama and UNSG Ban Ki Moon to activate the “duty to protect non-violence” in response to the Sheikh’s call. We also support the careful need for the ongoing protests to fight the sectarian ghosts prevailing in the Kingdom and to strictly continue to adhere to nonviolence

 Statement of Sheikh Isa Qassim

Bahrain 18 February 2011

Why have you killed the innocent souls? The people were lying down peacefully spending a calm night at the Pearl Roundabout, under an open sky, men, women, children and babies, all have been brutally attacked in a a way to prevent escape and to inflict maximum suffering. This is a massacre that had been preplanned and was lethally executed to crush the protestors and to pass a message to all people that this is what awaits them if they dared to express their views. (continue reading)

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