RN in the News – Summary


Mallat on CNN – Freedom is indivisible
Hodges on MTV – Standing against violence in Syria
Khatib on CNN – We are here to say no to violence 

RN was well represented in international and local news coverage of the demonstration 8 August in Beirut organized by leading public intellectuals in Lebanon to show solidarity with Syrian protestors and to reaffirm the right to peacefully demonstrate. In a CNN news feature ‘Arab leaders speak out on Syria’ by senior correspondent Arwa Damon broadcast 9 August 2011 that included coverage of the event, RN Chairman Mallat noted that “what we have learned through 40 years of Syrian domination in Lebanon is that freedom is indivisible and that our only chance to have freedom in this country, to escape assassinations, to have a government that represents us, is to have a change in Damascus.” RN co-founder Trudi Hodges affirmed support for the peaceful protestors and against the violence of the regime when asked for comment by local channel MTV, with RN supporter Issam Al Khatib explaining the motivation of the protestors to CNN saying “We are here to say no to violence.”

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