RN Chairman Mallat on Libya and nonviolent revolution


Libyans celebrate the fall of Tripoli

In an exclusive interview with distinguished correspondent Rima Zahar of the leading Arab website Elaph, RN Chairman Chibli Mallat highlighted some of the key lessons of the collapse of the Qaddafi regime. Noting that the Libyan Revolution was the only one where violence was used by the protesters, he underlined the importance for other revolutions underway to continue subscribing to nonviolence, thereby avoiding the need for foreign military intervention until it is clear that the overwhelming brutality of the regime threatens the sustainability of nonviolent protests.
On the new Libya and Lebanon, he noted the contradiction between a number of supporters of disappeared Imam Musa al-Sadr who rejoice at the collapse of Qaddafi while fearing at the same time the model spreading to their allies in the Syrian government. Mallat noted that the nonviolent revolution in the Middle East is a revolution first and foremost for human rights, and that it will take years in Libya and elsewhere for a democratic regime to take root. (Full article)

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