RN Board Members on situation in Lebanon


Chairman Chibli Mallat appeared on BBC World News 22 October 2012 to address the grave situation in Lebanon in the aftermath of the assassination on 19 October of Intelligence Chief General Wissam al-Hassan in Beirut. Interviewed by Zeinab Badawi, Mallat noted that in the absence of a political solution the low-grade civil war witnessed in recent months in Lebanon would likely accelerate. He added that PM Miqati’s failure to deliver on his promise of dissociation from events in Syria make it absolutely necessary that he resign. He stressed the need for a concerted effort at the highest level in response to the Syrian crisis, already of “dramatic proportions to the entire region, and now at the doorstep of the Lebanese.” He called for the Syrian leader and his entourage to be held accountable in particular for their crimes in Lebanon – notably since 2005 but in fact over a period of 40 years – and for the mass crimes against the Syrian people.

Asked to comment on the Lebanese enthusiasm for civil war given the dividends of peace, he said discussions generally are for a government of national unity and the Lebanese are careful not to create an atmosphere for civil war. Important conditions, he noted must be met including the return from exile – or resignation – of Saad Hariri who is the leader of the largest majority bloc in Lebanon.

Amid Carlos Eddé, head of the Lebanese National Bloc and member of RN’s Advisory Board, was special guest on MTV’s “Political Specials – Achrafieh Bombing” program that aired Sunday 21 October 2012. An hour-long edition hosted by Fadi Chewan and featuring viewer participation, Eddé rejected compromise with violence and weapons, and dialogue with armed factions. Interviewed by Lebanese daily L’Orient Le Jour, Eddé noted that there is a risk of other groups applying Hezbollah’s rationale of ‘resistance’, currently used to justify its monopoly of massive arms outside state control, given the indifference of the Lebanese Army in this regard. Condemning the violence and chaos following the funeral proceedings in downtown Beirut while acknowledging the understandable frustration of many, Eddé praised the speech of President Michel Sleiman, who called for the acceleration of the Samaha case. He highlighted, however, the double-standard in dealing with street actions, contrasting efforts today with an absence of intervention in January 2007 and May 2008.

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