RN Board Member YANG: From Nouakchott to Beijing, Stop dictators from hiding behind ‘Chinese model’


What kind of government systematically jails, tortures, disappears and harasses large numbers of its own people who dare to speak out in favor of democracy, justice and truth? 

RN Board Member Dr. YANG Jianli, internationally well-known dissident and former political prisoner in China, will present an open letter 4 June 2011 to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon regarding the Chinese government’s systematic and sustained campaign of human rights violations against its own people. Since its founding, RN has affirmed the essential need for nonviolence to succeed from ‘Mauritania to China’. We support Dr. YANG’s efforts, and ask our colleagues to join in this important call. To be presented on the 22nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on behalf of the Initiatives for China organization founded by Dr. YANG, the letter calls specifically for the assets of those responsible for this massacre to be frozen and for the crimes therein, as well as recent crimes against Chinese citizens, to be referred to the International Criminal Court.

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