RN Board Member ‘Amid’ Carlos Eddé : unique voice to the region


RN is honored to announce that Carlos Eddé has joined its international advisory board. A sustained, courageous, and consistent voice for human rights, Lebanese self-determination, and the rejection of fascism and sectarianism in Lebanon and the region, Mr. Eddé is a key figure of the Cedar Revolution of 2005 that started through nonviolence the ongoing Middle East human rights upheaval. ‘Amid’ (Dean in Arabic) of the Lebanese National Bloc, one of the oldest parties in the country, he has promoted modernization of the political process in particular through electoral law reform, citing the sectarian and inegalitarian law as the major obstacle to democratic development in Lebanon. In an article just published in both L’Orient le Jour and an-Nahar, he maintains that “Democracy is, for all its risks and shortcomings, the best political system; while it does not prevent mistakes along the way, it allows for their correction, and results – in the long term – in the development of a mature and stable society.

RN’s Chair, Chibli Mallat, salutes the role of the ‘Amid’ and the importance of his presence on RN’s Board: “Carlos Eddé continues in the steps of the most respected Lebanese leader in modern history, the late Raymond Eddé, vindicating democratic decency in Lebanon away from the smothering authoritarianisms of neighbouring countries, especially Syria and Israel. His standing up for basic human rights in Syria amidst the deafening silence of the Lebanese leaders brought by the majority of the votes in the parliamentary elections” Mallat, added, “underlines once again the unique voice carried out from the heart of Beirut to democrats in the region. It sets the beginning of Lebanese democratic renewal.”


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