RN announces Game Over in Egypt: USG and armed forces converge on ‘orderly change’


Press Release 31 January 2011

Right to Nonviolence welcomes Egyptian army’s statement “in defense of nonviolent demonstrators’ legitimate grievances”, confirms USG high official support for “orderly transition and change.”

RN has learnt that the army leaders have refused Mubarak’s repeated orders to shoot at the unarmed demonstrators. This has now been confirmed by the declaration of the armed forces spokesman.

RN has also just received confirmation from a leading official in the USG that the American government supports “orderly transition and change”, with an emphasis by the official on change.

Prof. Chibli Mallat, Chairman of RN, declared that the Egyptian army should be congratulated for its support to the nonviolent demonstrators, now made public by the spokesperson of the military forces. Mallat declared: “History will keep a choice place for those generals in the Egyptian army who today give hope to democracy in Egypt and the region. As a major objective for the success of the planned demonstrations tomorrow, the armed forces must now lend effective support to the people on their way to arrest Husni Mubarak, and to bring him to justice in a tribunal consisting of the leading judges in the great Sanhuri tradition of the Egyptian Republic.”

On Saturday, Mallat published an open letter to President Obama on the need to honor a unique appointment with world history by helping the Egyptian nonviolent movement succeed as model for change in the world. Mallat expressed his heartened belief in the appreciation of the Egyptian and ME democrats for American government support for change at the top, now confirmed in Washington. RN has also expressed to the Egyptian demonstrators the need to keep nonviolence as a sacred principle for which the Nile Revolution will be remembered as a watershed in world history.


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