RN announcements: Lebanon and Bahrain


Board Member Al Jamri reinstated at Al Wasat and mobilization in Beirut in support of the freedom to demonstrate in Syria and Lebanon

8 August 2011

Right to Nonviolence joins the call of prominent Lebanese activists, artists, and other public figures for a strong show of solidarity with the courageous Syrian people against the brutality and violence of the regime in a candlelight vigil to be held Monday 8 August 2011 at 9:00 PM in Martyr’s Square in downtown Beirut. Last week demonstrators in Beirut were beaten by thugs during a peaceful demonstration. This is not acceptable and RN expects the Lebanese government to provide protection of civilians and to arrest and punish those who use violence to deprive them of a universal right. More information: in Arabic and in French.


In Bahrain, RN welcomes the reinstatement of RN Board Member Mansoor Al Jamri as Editor in Chief of country’s leading independent newspaper Al Wasat.  Widely respected as a strong voice for balanced solutions and commitment to Bahraini sovereignty, Al Jamri published today an eloquent article in Al Wasat where his leadership in charting moderation establishes the proper basis for the halting of all violence in Bahrain. (link to article)


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