RN Announcement- Egyptian constitutional amendments


Tahrir Square, (John Dryden)

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces published today the amendments to the Constitution which it entrusted to a special Committee for Amending the Constitution headed by Dr Tarek ElBeshri.

The amendments as published closely correspond to the set of changes suggested by the working group set up in the Middle East Law class at Harvard law school, and published with explanations in the Harvard Journal of International Law on 22 February. The input from Egyptian jurists for the study was invaluable, and explains the convergence in the two main suggestions of the Committee: the reduction of the term of the presidency to four years, renewable once; and the entrusting of the electoral process to an independent committee mainly formed by Egyptian judges.

The texts of the amendments can be found in Arabic here, and in English here.

The text of the working group study published in the Harvard International Law Journal can be found in English here and in Arabic here.


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