RN Announcement- Constitutional Options for Bahrain essay published in Virginia Journal of International Law


“Constitutional Options for Bahrain”, a detailed study prepared by RN Chairman Chibli Mallat and Harvard Law student Jason Gelbort was published today in the online version of the Virginia Journal of International Law (VJIL).- Based on extensive research including seven background papers carried out by a working group of 22 law and graduate students at Harvard, the initiative was focused on providing technical advice to advance early efforts of leading figures in the nonviolent opposition
movement, the Bahrain Crown Prince and the reformists around him in the ruling family, as well as US State Department officials to promote dialogue and the formulation of compromise solutions. Prior to the dramatic
deterioration of the situation in Bahrain including the declaration on 15 March 2011 of a three-month state of emergency and the brutal crackdown that followed, the study was scheduled for publication in Arabic in the country’s sole independent newspaper Al Wasat.

The editor-in-chief and other top editors of Al Wasat were recently forced to resign and are facing prosecution related to coverage of the ongoing protests.

Despite these grave setbacks, this modest study is published to encourage enlightened dialogue on the way to genuine democratic reforms in Bahrain and the Gulf states.

Full essay: Constitutional Options for Bahrain

Background papers


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