Presentation and full English text of Morsi’s decree reestablishing Parliament





On July 9, the Right to Nonviolence Constitutional Team provided in Ahram Online a presentation and full translation of the text of the presidential decree reinstating the Egyptian Parliament, dissolved by the Supreme Constitutional Court’s decision on June 14.

It is the first time in recent Egyptian history that a SCC decision objecting election inequality through the quotas for independents and party members is openly contradicted. Even deposed president Mubarak had formally respected the decision of the SCC dissolving Parliament in 1987. However flawed the decision of the SCC on June 14, Morsi’s decree, taken individually and without the benefit of a new largely expressive government, seems both excessive and ill-timed.

The full presentation published on Ahram is available here. In addition to this article, the text of the decree in English and Arabic as well as a brief analysis (video) prepared by the team are available on RN’s Middle East Constitutional Forum (MECF).

Tobias Peyerl, Program Director of the Middle East Constitutional Forum, Ivana Assy, Program Coordinator, and Wendelin Federer, Research Associate.

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