PR Statement from Chibli Mallat, Chairman, RN: The Middle East Nonviolent Revolution on the march


Nile Revolution

The democratic, nonviolent citizens of the Arab and Middle Eastern world congratulate the courageous people of Egypt for writing the future of the region in Nonviolence. Today, 11 February 2011, the Nile Revolution joins the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution in showing that Nonviolence makes change happen at the top.

The success of the Nile Revolution is the result of years of resistance to dictatorship, torture, prison and humiliation, and the martyrdom of at least three hundred friends since January 25. Those who are responsible must be brought to justice, and Right to Nonviolence will help the victims stand for their right, domestically and internationally, to be vindicated and compensated.

The Nile Revolution can be the beginning of a new era in our region, where resolute and determined nonviolent action succeeds in making dictatorships recede. It allows us to see, in our lifetime, the establishment of democracy across the Middle East, the end of regional wars, and the fullest participation of all citizens in the region, as equals, in shaping the destiny of their countries.

This is a day when overwhelming joy promises the citizen happiness in public life.

Let’s rejoice, and start building the institutions of freedom and justice.


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