PR- Pearl Revolution in Bahrain: Constitutional Monarchy or the end of the Khalifa dynasty


Right to Nonviolence, 17 February 2011

Pearl Revolution

The Tien-An-Men Square images coming from Bahrain are intolerable. The King of Bahrain must decide: either he orders a stop to the repression immediately and brings those who ordered the shooting to account, or he must leave as yet another dictator in the Mubarak and Ben Ali tradition.

The people of Bahrain are not infants, and know what democracy means: the citizens rule by choosing their leader freely. There have been many false hopes in the last decade, since the promise of human rights and open political participation expressed by the present King to an Amnesty International high level delegation he invited in 2000. All these hopes have been betrayed, and the repression and manipulation of the political and electoral system have exacerbated sectarianism.

The recent model offered by the Kings of Bhutan should be followed: a real constitutional monarchy, which means that the head of the executive, as well as parliament, are elected by the people.

The success of the Pearl Revolution is essential as a model of transition to democracy in the Gulf, and in the remaining authoritarian monarchies across the Middle East. Either a real constitutional monarchy like Sweden, Bhutan and Britain, or a republic: in either case a democracy where people choose their government freely.

We support our colleagues in Bahrain, and insist on their carrying the torch of liberty with the need to multiply efforts to carry out their fight for democratic change by avoiding sectarianism, and by rejecting all forms of violence in their legitimate protests.

We stand ready to help them with the necessary amendments to the Constitution for the country to join the democracies of the world.

 بيان صحفي

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