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RN’s network of MENA Constitutional Advocates is an impressive and active group of young lawyers, activists, and journalists invited to participate in a year-long program “Informing the Constitutional Moment” funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Recent publications by members of the network include the following:

Judge Yussef Auf in an op-ed “Transition in Egypt: The Judiciary and the Revolution” published by An Nahar 2 July 2013 provides brief historical context and current analysis of the judiciary and the revolution in Egypt. The op-ed is summarized from a far more detailed study developed by Auf, “Al thawra wal qada’ fi Misr: al muwajaha al hatmiyya” (The Revolution and the Judiciary: The Inevitable Confrontation), that formed the basis of a 3-hour virtual working session for RN’s MENA Constitutional Advocates network 21 May 2013.

Tamer Mallat in a two-part interview for ArabsThink published 2 July 2013, speaks with prominent Egyptian attorney Karim Hafez who provides a lawyer’s perspective on the economic situation in Egypt in PART I  of the interview, and on the challenges to establishing a successful law practice in Egypt in PART II.

Mara Revkin offers a detailed and extended analysis of the deteriorating security situation in “The Egyptian State Unravels: Meet the Gangs and Vigilantes Who Thrive Under Morsi” published 27 June 2013 in Foreign Affairs.

Farea al-Muslimi details the tremendous challenges confronting the National Dialogue Conference in Yemen—most notably the issue of the south—offering specific suggestions to address some key concerns in ”Deadlocked Yemen” published by Carnegie Endowment’s Sada 20 June 2013. The article was also published in Arabic.




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