Ms. Chema Gargouri

The Role of Civil Society in Tunisia’s Democratic Transition: Public Participation and Consultation

Chema Gargouri discusses the changes in civil society after the fall in Ben Ali; the challenges and successes.

Ms. Chema Gargouri interviewed by RN Research Associate Bouchra Chakroune (audio podcast)

Chema Gargouri, Tunisia Country Director, Women Enterprise for Sustainability

Since 2011 Chéma Gargouri has been acting as Country Director for the Institute of International Education e-mediat and then Women Enterprise for Sustainability; MEPI (US State Department) funded programs that aim at enhancing the strategic use of social media by Tunisian NGOs and the empowerment of women leadership and entrepreneurship. Ms. Chema Gargouri is the manager and major shareholder of the Centre for Applied Training, a business development private company established in 1998. Her areas of expertise are project design and management, SE Business Development, and institutional and capacity building services.

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