Prof. Alaya Allani

Islamism and Salafism after the Tunisian Revolution

Professor Alaya Allani answers questions on the nature of Islamism and the rise of Salafism after the revolution in Tunisia. He highlights the most important parties, their philosophies and leaders.

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Alaya Allani, Historian and Researcher on Islamism in Maghreb, Monouba University of Tunisia

Professor Alaya Allani is a prominent historian and researcher on Islamism in the Maghreb. He is the Associate Professor in Contemporary History at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities at the Monouba University in Tunis. He is also a member of the Research Unit “Society and Parallel Society” and has published his thesis on Islamism in Tunisia. His research interests include Islamism in the Maghreb, The Protest Movements in Tunisia and International Relations. He has published a significant number of articles in academic journals in Arabic, French and English.

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