Mansoor al Jamri to CBC Radio: “..stability can’t be achieved by force”


Of all the uprisings of the Arab Spring, few seemed to be contained as quickly as the so-called “Pearl Revolution” in Bahrain.

Last February thousands of Shia Muslims occupied streets in the tiny Gulf state demanding more political freedom — and less of the Sunni Muslim elite — led by King al-Khalifa.

But within a month, government soldiers backed by Saudi troops, rolled into the demonstrators’ camps and rolled up their revolution.

Legal punishments are still being meted out. But the protest continues, according to journalist Mansoor al Jamri. He’s the Editor-in-chief of Al Wasat, an independent newspaper in Bahrain.

We reached him in the capitol city of Manama on the very day a Bahrain court fined him for publishing what it says was false news.

He was on the phone, not in the recording studios we prefer to use, but that’s another story and Rick began by asking him about it:

  Hear Rick’s interview with Dr. al Jamri

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