Mallat on UNSC Libya deliberations


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Mallat on UNSC Libya deliberations

Libyan Revolution

As the UN Security Council debates today the tragic situation in Libya, Right to Nonviolence adds its support to the several calls around the world to urgently establish a legal regime that allows the democratic forces of the Libyan Revolution to accelerate the ending of the 42-year regime of monomanic dictatorship in the country. The UNSC draft resolution includes “an arms embargo, asset freeze, and travel bans for Gadhafi and his associates. It also refers Gadhafi to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.” This is good albeit late and insufficient.

First, RN joins the calls across the world to provide a serious protection to the Libyan population against the onslaught under way in various parts of the country, starting with a no fly zone of Qaddafi’s forces over the whole country, especially in the Tripoli region. Should the no fly zone fail to deter the organised killing of nonviolent protesters, a no drive zone should be immediately implemented.

Second, RN calls also for the immediate referral of the UNSC of the Libya case to the ICC. Should the SC fail to do that because of the resistance of non-democratic governments on the Council, the USG should lead a coalition tasked with ensuring that Qaddafi and those responsible for the mass murders afoot be brought to justice. An indictment and international arrest warrant have already been issued against Qaddafi for the disappearance in Libya of Lebanese historic leader Imam Musa al-Sadr. The countries willing to activate the arrest warrant can do so without the UNSC.

Third, the UNSC must help an orderly democratic transition in Libya by establishing contact with the brave nonviolent leaders of the Revolution. Fathi Terbil, the lawyer whose name has been associated with a history of unique courage of human rights against Qaddafi, including the spark that started the present uprising, is the first point of call for a new, democracy-seeking Libya.

RN believes that all Middle Eastern democrats stand ready to help the Libyan people on their long road to the rule of law and human rights. Should the UNSC fail to assume the duty to protect them under international law, all willing peoples and governments are entitled to step in with all means available to stop the bloodshed and bring Qaddafi and his mass killers to justice.

Chibli Mallat, Chairman, Right to Nonviolence

26 February 2011, 2 pm EST

Contact: +18019155735


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