Mallat on Nonviolence from ME to China at IFC Interethnic / Interfaith Conference


RN Chairman Chibli Mallat addressed the 7th Annual Interethnic / Interfaith Leadership Conference themed ‘Moving Forward Together’ held in Los Angeles April 19-21, 2012 and organized by Initiatives for China (IFC) – a grassroots movement established by renowned Chinese dissident and RN advisory board member Dr. YANG Jianli — that works for peaceful transition to democracy in China.  An annual event developed with the support and encouragement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who was present for a meeting with participants, the conference was structured to facilitate communication and an exchange of information between various ethnic groups across the region. Featuring leading scholars, activists, journalists, and spiritual leaders from a number of countries including Burma, China, Nepal, and Taiwan, speaker panels also included members of representative bodies for Mongolian, Uyghurian, Tibetan, and other ethnic groups. Prof. Mallat’s presentation, “Nonviolence from Damascus and Manama to Moscow and Beijing” noted the systematic exploitation — by authoritarians in the Middle East and in China  – of sectarian and ethnic differences to retain power. Highlighting the potential defeat of sectarianism through the formation of all-encompassing oppositional groups around common struggles for freedom and equality, he called for honoring the martyrs of the nonviolent revolutions rather than the self-inflicted martyrdom witnessed from Tunisia to Tibet, and now in Bahrain.

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From Mauritania to China“, Mallat presentation at 6th annual Interfaith /Interethnic Leadership Conference, 2011


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