Mallat in Ahram: President Morsi’s last chance


RN Chairman Chibli Mallat, in an op-ed in Ahram suggests immediate measures that President Morsi could take to avoid a military coup in Egypt including appointment of an opposition figure as prime minister and formation of a representative and comprehensive coalition cabinet. He also identifies key actions related to human rights and the constitutional process to facilitate a calmer, more unified Egypt able to attract tourists and foreign investment.



President Morsi’s last chance

If the military takes over again, it will be a serious setback for Egypt and the region; but it is not too late for Morsi to avoid a military coup
Chibli Mallat , Monday 11 Mar 2013

With the New York Times reporting on the rise of the risk of a military takeover, Egypt seems destined to enter a further cycle of self-fueling conspiracies and self-fulfilling prophesies.

If the military takes over again, it will be a disaster for Egypt, and for all the revolutions in the Middle East, setting the country back to the military coup of 1952. Democrats across the world will be appalled, but many will remain silent, so determined the Muslim Brotherhood has shown itself to be to grab power at any cost, and so unintelligently at that.

It was already a great achievement of the people of Egypt to stand up to SCAF, insist that they honour their word to retire to their barracks, and accept, once and for all, that the military establishment has no role to play in politics in a democratic country. When Morsi was declared president, against the preferred candidate of SCAF, a former prime minister under Mubarak, a sigh of relief across the world translated into the people rallying around the president.

Relief lasted a few short weeks, for it was repeatedly, unintelligently, undone by Morsi in a series of authoritarian decisions, most conspicuously a constitutional declaration in which he put himself above the law, followed by a railroading of the constitution-making process at a time when a third of the members of the Constituent Assembly had resigned. (continue reading)


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