Mallat: How and why SCAF must fold in Egypt


SCAF – one source of legitimacy was their popular backing, now that they have lost it, they’ve lost what legitimacy they had

Chibli Mallat, Tuesday 22 Nov 2011

In large part because of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) the revolution against Mubarak and the old regime was nonviolent. When on 31 January 2011 its then obscure leaders refused to shoot at unarmed demonstrators at the behest of Mubarak, the revolution won, and the dictator had to flee. With the loss of thirty innocent lives in the Maspero massacre on October 9, and the ongoing Tahrir square violence against unarmed demonstrators, the brutal undemocratic character reminiscent of the old regime is being cruelly exposed. The government did well to resign. SCAF is now alone. If it appoints another nondescript government, it will fare no better. If it appoints a military government, it will have transformed itself into a junta of the worst type, bringing the country into huge turmoil over months, while finding itself completely isolated domestically and internationally. The only way forward is for SCAF to fold and disband, and to be replaced by a transitional government of the revolutionary forces. (continue reading)

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