Launch of RN site accompanies Tunisian Jasmine Revolution


2011 began with the promise of the Jasmine Revolution. In less than a month, Tunisia’s courageous people ended a ruthless 23-year dictatorship. The nonviolent character of the movement, met with the immense violence of the State, now needs a transition to democracy that is still elusive across the Middle East.

Right to Nonviolence will accompany this region-wide promise, originating in the first intifada in Palestine in 1987, and continued in Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution in 2005 and the Iranian Green Revolution in 2009. These revolutions constitute historic landmarks for human rights and democracy, but they remain incomplete.

Right to Nonviolence responds to the call for human rights in these as yet unfulfilled nonviolent movements, through initiatives ranging from human rights education to shaping the leadership for change across the Middle East.


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