Jeffrey Feltman, with Mallat, supporting constitutional reform in Bahrain, Global Post story


By Global Post: A demonstrator steps on an ostrich egg with a drawing of Saudi Arabia’s king Abdullah on March 17, 2011 in front of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ankara as he attends a demonstration in support of mainly – Shiite demonstrators in Bahrain and denouncing the intervention by Saudi troops. (Adem Altan/AFP/Getty Images)

Early efforts to establish a constitutional dialogue in Bahrain led by US Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman with the help of RN Chairman Prof. Chibli Mallat and the Harvard law school team who worked on a Constitutional Options study, were recently revealed in a feature story in Global Post. In a comment on the story, Mallat noted “the importance of reversing the setbacks in Bahrain with constitutional science tools.” He also saluted the remarkable convergence of the efforts from leading Bahrainis, in power and in opposition, “against the putschists in Manama and Riyad”. The Bahrain Constitutional Options study was published by the Virginia Journal of International Law, and by RN.

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