Game Over: revolution’s tipping point


The tipping point for successful revolution occurs when the army disobeys the dictator

Chibli Mallat, Saturday 6 Aug 2011

The people of Egypt have identified in their revolution a condition sine qua non for the fall of the regime: the forced removal of its head. They were absolutely correct. ‘The people want the fall of the regime’ has for a necessary correlate that ‘the people want the fall of the president’. This surely is not the last phase of a revolution, but it is the necessary first one. As the tide continues to ensure that the revolution is not limited to the fall of the dictator, other elements become important, such as recovered freedom of speech, the end of police and military repression, proper representation in government, and the dismissal of regime leaders and assassins at lower levels and their subsequent trials. That second phase is with us in Egypt, Tunisia, and to the extent that the flown dictator is not allowed back, in Yemen. (full article)

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