Democracy standards in an Islamic context


Democracy Reporting International (DRI) has just published the main articles contributed to “Democracy Standards in an Islamic Context“, a conference in Tripoli organized by DRI with Right to Nonviolence. The conference was co-chaired by Chibli Mallat and Duncan Pickard during Mallat’s working visit to Libya in June 2013. The proceedings include four substantive studies, written by Seif Nasrawi, Professor Muhammad Fadel, Zahra’ Langhi, and Mallat’s keynote address “Islamic Law and International Human-Rights Standards: Writing fiqh into the Bill of Rights of the Libyan Constitution.”

Zahra’ Langhi, co-founder of the Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace and a member of RN’s constitutional advocate network, also chaired a panel discussion at the conference. Focused on women’s rights, Langhi used as a basis for the discussion her presentation “Factors for the Assumption of a Complete Clash between Islamic Sharia and International Treaties on the Rights and the Empowerment of Women”. Both papers are available in the full report published in Arabic and English.

Full conference report: Democracy Standards in an Islamic Context, DRI, June 2013   [ Arabic ]   [ English ]

Chibli Mallat, Islamic Law and International Human Rights Standards: Writing fiqh into the Bill of Rights of the Libyan Constitution, 2013

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