Al-Muslimi presents analysis of work related to rights and freedoms in Yemeni National Dialogue Conference


fareaFarea Al-Muslimi, a member of RN’s constitutional advocate network, presented a paper at a virtual seminar 06 August 2013 on his views of the work of the Rights and Freedoms Committee of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), a process underway in Yemen. Al-Muslimi has been increasingly appreciated worldwide for his articulate stance against the use of drones most notably before a subcommittee of the US Senate, and for his constructive criticism of the NDC that he was recently invited to join as a facilitator.

The discussion was one of a series organized under the program “Informing the Constitutional Moment” funded in part by National Endowment for Democracy.

Al-Muslimi built his presentation for the session on the progress as well as setbacks over rights and freedoms as formulated within the dialogue, with the benchmark being the current Constitution that should be replaced by a new constitution to follow the work and results of the NDC. The analysis will be finalized based on the discussion during the seminar and published by RN.

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