The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) cordially invites you to a book launch and public lecture: Chibli Mallat will be presenting his new book, Philosophy of Nonviolence, Revolution, Constitutionalism and Justice beyond the Middle East. Chibli Mallat is a lawyer and a law professor. He serves as Presidential Professor of Law and […]

حديث في النجف عن “بحر العلوم” شبلي ملاّط   6 كانون الأول 2014 أتيحت لي فرصة زيارة مدينة النجف في الاسبوع المنصرم وكانت لي هذه المداخلة على أحد منابرها العريقة. بغضِّ النظر عن افتقاد المحبّة وفقدان دماثة الخلق ويوميات الأسى على شباب السيد حسن عزالدين بحر العلوم، تراودني في ذكرى أربعينه قسوة هجر حبيبنا الراحل […]

Could the upcoming elections bridge the gap between Israeli Jews and Arabs? Lebanese human rights lawyer Chibli Mallat says that contrary to popular belief, there are more possibilities for cooperation than one might think. By Chibli Mallat A Palestinian and a Jewish Israeli activist confront Israeli soldiers during a weekly demonstration against the Israeli occupation […]

PR- Beirut, 12 December 2014. RN Chairman Chibli Mallat moved in the past month on two Middle East fronts. In Najaf in Iraq, he was the special host of the University of Kufa, where he delivered a lecture on his work on the enlightened legacy of Najaf scholars, and on nonviolence. He went to Najaf for […]

RN Announcement, 24 Nov. 2014 The Arabic daily as-Safir published in two successive op-eds (part.1, 22 Nov, part. 2, 24 Nov.)  the lecture on “the Philosophy of Nonviolence in Islam”which RN Chairman Mallat gave at the Friends of Kamal Joumblatt Association. This is part of an ongoing series of talks to engage the debate on the ethics and […]

Press release- RN, 8 October 2014, on Violence-free zones in Syria. Following the publication of ‘Establish violence-free zones’ in the Daily Star last Saturday, and as the controversy over the plight of ISIS victims in Kubaneh/‘Ayn al-‘arab and Turkish intervention heats up, the leading Turkish press took up the Azm-Mallat article. Soli Ozel, the distinguished Turkish […]